Weekly Newsletter

16th May 2021

Day Mass Time Intention
Sunday 10.00am (Online: https://www.churchservices.tv/monaleen) Mary O’Brien RIP (A) & the deceased members of the O’Brien and Hurley families
Sunday 11.30am (Online: https://www.churchservices.tv/monaleen) Patrick O’Halloran
Sadie Danagher RIP
William O’Sullivan RIP
Domenico Contro RIP & Vittorio Fortuna RIP (A)

Weekday Masses

Day Mass Time
(Online: https://www.churchservices.tv/monaleen)
Tuesday 9.45am Billy Coffey RIP
The deceased members of the Ryan family RIP
Wednesday 9.45am Peter Ireton RIP (Month’s Mind)
Tommy Greene RIP
Thursday 9.45am Tom Flynn RIP
Teresa Fitzmaurice (Get Well)
Friday 9.45am Mairead Chawke RIP
Elizabeth Mullins RIP (A)
Saturday 7.00pm Michael & Mary Daly RIP (A)

Note: Daily (Tuesday to Friday & Saturday evening) & Sunday Masses online as well as in person.

Ascension of the Lord

Today we are celebrating the Ascension of the Lord.

The Ascension, one of the primary feasts of the Church’s year, marks the close of the appearances of Jesus after his resurrection and his returning to the Father. It underlines the teaching that it is from Heaven that the ascended Christ exercises his power over heaven and earth.

A Daily Prayer taken from Sacred Space:
A thick and shapeless tree-trunk would never believe that it could become a statue, admired as a miracle of sculpture, and would never submit itself to the chisel of the sculptor, who sees by his genius what he can make of it. (Saint Ignatius)

I ask for the grace to let myself be shaped by my loving Creator.

Attendance at Mass

Weekday masses will continue at 9.45AM Tuesday thru Friday each week. We are allowed to have up to 50 persons attend Mass at any one time.

In order to facilitate the greater numbers wishing to attend in person we will have Mass in this Church at 7.00PM on Saturday and at 10.00AM and 11.30AM on Sunday.

We look forward to welcoming you all in person

Diocese of Limerick Pentecost Mission

Bishop Brendan Leahy extends an invitation to join him at Limerick Diocese Facebook Live for a series of 4 talks to celebrate the feast of Pentecost.
Commencing at 8.00pm each evening the schedule is as follows;

  • Wednesday 19th May – Olive Foley – Coping with Loss
  • Thursday 20th May – Aoife Walsh – Journeying with Young People in a Changing World
  • Friday 21st May – Jane Mellett – Becoming a Greener Household & Parish
  • Saturday 22nd May – Bishop Brendan Leahy – Pentecost Prayer Vigil

For more information, please go to;

Planned Giving Envelopes

For those of you who have not collected your planned giving envelopes they are available for collection from the Parish House at 1 Trinity Court or by arrangement with Canon Garrett.


Catholics across the globe are encouraged to dedicate the Marian month of May to praying for an end to the pandemic. The initiative involves 30 Marian shrines from various parts of the world.
At the heart of the Holy Father’s desire, the month of May will be dedicated to a “marathon” of prayer to call for the end of the pandemic, which has afflicted the world for more than a year now, and for the resumption of social and work activities. Pope Francis wanted to involve all the shrines of the world in this initiative, so that they become instruments for a prayer of the whole Church. The initiative takes place in the light of the biblical expression: ” Prayer to God went up incessantly from the whole Church ” (Acts 12,5).

Each day will see the Vatican news broadcast the recitation of the Rosary at 6pm Rome time – 5pm our time – from the various Shrines taking part. The rosary will be broadcast on Monday evening, 10th May 2021 from Knock, Co Mayo. The Pope will close the initiative on 31 May with another specially broadcast Rosary.

The schedule for the coming week is as follow;

Intentions for Next Weekend:

Day Mass Time Intention
Sunday 10.00am (online)