Seeking Ancestors

Seeking Hanrahans of Monaleen (April 2016)

I received this email recently from Australia and have made local enquiries, but have not been able to trace any Hanrahans that have lived in Monaleen for generations – but maybe somebody out there can help? If you think you know the family, please get email me ( and I will give you Brian’s contact details. Thank you!

“Dear Editor

As I have reached a dead-end in trying to find information about our ancestor, Bridget Hanrahan, this is a last desperate attempt. While I recognise that the parish has experienced much growth in recent years and probably now has many Hanrahans, I are looking for a Hanrahan family which has been in the parish for a very long period.

In the parish registers held by the National Library of Ireland, there are five Hanrahan marriages in St Patrick’ parish in the period up to 1860.
These are:

  • 1818 Catherine Hanrahan and Pat McGrath; sponsors John Noonan and Mary Walsh.
  • 1824 Denis Hanrahan and Mary Bourke; sponsors John Hanrahan and John Bourke.
  • 1825 John Hanrahan and Mary Belson; sponsors Denis Hanrahan and James Belson.
  • 1827 Bridget Hanrahan and John Bourke; sponsors Michael Callopy and Patrick Mahony.
  • 1846 Margaret Hanrahan and Patrick Gorman; sponsors Denis Hanrahan and Margaret Hanrahan.

We have found records of Denis Hanrahan, John Hanrahan, James Belson and John Bourke as farmers in the Killonan townland.

We believe Denis Hanrahan and John Hanrahan were brothers. John Hanrahan took his family to the United States in 1852 and settled in Wisconsin. After John Bourke died, Bridget Hanrahan and her five grown children moved to Australia between 1857 and 1862. All their immigration records have Monaleen as their place of origin.

I realise this is a “long shot” and you probably have many similar requests, but if you are able to help in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards

Brian Williams

(great great grandson of Bridget Harrahan)”