Parish Notices:

Parish Contributions

Thank you to our parishioners who have continued to support the parish financially during these unusual times through planned giving, standing orders and dues collections. We are grateful for your generosity.

Recently, CHY forms were posted out to some parishioners. To those who signed and returned them, thank you. To those who have not yet, we should be grateful to receive them at your convenience. Once we are in possession of these forms, we can apply to the Revenue Commissioners to claim back the tax you have already paid on your contributions. On contributions of €250 and over, made in the same year, we can claim a rebate at a rate of 30%.
(Newsletter 6 June 2021)

Community Notices:

A Note from Maria Campbell

I spoke recently at the weekend masses about a “Power Walk to Zambia – Lighting Up Education” a fundraiser I led in May and June to electrify St. Edmund’s secondary school in Zambia.

I would like to thank Fr. Garrett for allowing me to speak in Monaleen church. I just want to thank everyone for their generosity. I am overwhelmed by the support we received. We collected €1,629 via the church collection and monies dropped into the church during last week. We also received other donations directly to our GoFundMe page. Thank you so much.

The good news is that we have reached and slightly exceeded our target of €18,068 and work begins next Tuesday. Our fundraiser will have a direct and rapid effect on the lives of the school and its community. We will provide an update as the work progresses!

Diocesan Notices:

Dying with Dignity Bill 2020

The Oireachtas Committee on Justice is currently assessing the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020.

As part of the process, the committee invited submissions from interested groups and individuals. On the 26th January 2021 the Council of Life and the Consultative Group on Bioethics of the Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference presented their submission which can be found by following this link